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Date - 22nd February 2009
No update in a while i know but with the run up to Crimbo and all that pudding to eat, not a lot has happened on the car. Apart from collections of components for the fuel injection, i now have all the parts to complete the project. i have made a new inlet manifold ( part of which I made for a Dax Rush ) and have mounted the Fuel Meetering Head just behind the rad which was not the ideal place but due lack of space under the bonnet it was the only place to put it, but this has also meant the Rad top outlet will need be moved which is off being done now. I have also managed to get via E-bay a fuel pump ( new ), a fuel accumulator and filter which are now fitted to the car. i am also in the process of modifying the fuel tank to put a return pipe outlet, i have managed to get a screw and bolt with a fuel fitting on it, the is a self sealing unit but I need to drill a hole in it first. I will put a new set of pictures up as soon as i have done them.

  Date - 4th October 2008
Have been thinking about going over to fuel injection for the past 4 or 5 months and seeing that winter is now upon us i thought now would be a good time to start.I have managed to get all the parts required, and seeing as this car is from the 80's, I have decided to go with the K-Jetronic system. For those of you who don't know it's a mechanical based injection system used from 1967 to 1995, it was used on golf GTi, Escort XR3i and all the way to ferrari and maserati... the Exact same system !!! anyway, as i progress this i will add photos and document it here. I have also noticed that one of the custom made engine mounts has broken :( But as the other 3 have held it in place, i will be fixing this aswell and will post some pictures when i have some. I am sure you are all planning to do some tinkering in the garage over the winter months so do not hesitate to let me know and i will post it on the site.

  Date - 8th June 2008
Have been going for a few little spins around the town since Stoneleigh and trying to get the Mixture settings correct.It had been running fine but I went out on Sunday and got a few miles up the road and the car suddenly backfired and stopped, was still rolling so bumped it going again and carried on, seemed o.k. but a further 2 miles up the road it happened again so I pulled over. The car promptly backfired again and stopped, tried to restart it but just backfired again. Very strange I thought so I just sat there and thought I would let it cool down. After 20 mins or so I tried again, same problem, so I started disconnecting the plug leads and tried again, got to number 3 and hey presto it started and i drove it home on 3 cylinders. When I got it back I checked the carb and all seemed to be o.k., so on the following day I removed the Head and found that the seats on all the cylinders were not very good, especially no 3. replaced 3 exhaust valves and reground the rest. Finished putting it all back together tonight (18th) and with loosened spark plugs turned it over and to my surprise is started and ran !!!! Was popping out past the spark plugs of course but it actually ran. Will take it out for a test run this weekend.

 Date - 4th May 2008
Stoneleigh show is here and the weather was looking... a bit bleak, I was going anyway regardless, so decided to ride with the hood up on the way there for the 97 mile trip. I will say one thing, it's bloody hot in there and there is no heater, even with all the gaps around the doors !!! Thankfully the trip was quite uneventful ( unlike last time 6 years ago when the starter motor fell off ) the ride on the m1 is absolutely crap, it's so bumpy, many times I bounced off of the seat.  Well the rain held off until I parked up in the DOC stand, but it was only a passing shower. The day turned out to be a lovely day, very warm but overcast. As usual loads of kits on show to look at and the usual sheds. Went on 2 of the Complete KITCAR seminars, one on fibre glassing and the other on useful tools, both were very interesting especially the fibre glassing.  Had a good chat with the other "Duttoners" and a good look over the cars. Well I had had enough and decided to make a move and yes weather decided to start spitting, decided to leave the roof up again for the trip home. Well the ran never came and I was once again melting. The M1 was just as bumpy on the way home as the way up, there was also lots of production cars broken down at the side of the road, must have seen a least 15. Going back through Hatfield tunnel sounded great as I decided to drop it down one and floor it... allways wake up the half asleep drivers that !!!

what an excellent day out !

Date - 14th April 2008
Well the Detling show has come around again and since the Melos has not been to any shows for many years I was determined to go.. what ever the weather would throw at me. Well the 50 mile drive there was not too bad, had the roof down but left the side screens on... and was a tad breezy as there is a fair old side wind on some parts of the M2.  The 5 speed box was a treat on the motorway sections but as I parked up in the show ground the heavens opened up. So there was a mad rush to cover the car up with the hood and then a mad rush to get inside. Despite this the day was good and lots of cars turned up. I had a long chat with the owner of Toniq, taking about brands hatch and the owner of Vindicator about the 4 seater version of there seven replica. The trip home was a lot more interesting, the rain had turn to hail for a while and getting out of the show ground onto the A249 Dual Carriageway caused a bit of snaking fun. The hood is also missing the poppers from the 2 outside edges of the wind screen so spent most of the journey holding the roof down, and then half way home the passenger windscreen wiper decided to jump on the bonnet, this stayed there until I got off the motorway some 25 miles from when it fell off !!! but the drive was fun regardless of the weather.

Date - 16th February 2008
FFollowing the breakdown a few weeks ago I though I would have a look into this, so after looking on the internet for details about the Fuel King regulator I have found that the default pressure is 1.5PSI, this regulator was also fitted to 3L Cortina which also used to break down every now and then with fuel starvation. so I thought I would adjust it, after asking how on the Dutton Message board, I have adjusted it, took the car for a spin and it did not stop this time.

I also checked the spark plugs that I changed a few weeks ago, these were very sooty !!! which is not good, so following the good old Hanes Manual... it's running too rich. adjusted the mixture screw half a turn and took it out for another blast.... checked the plugs again, still just as sooty :(   so I just removed the paper air filter and went off again.  when I got back and checked the plugs.. they were perfect. although I did go out without the side screen and at 5pm.. it was starting to get a bit cold !!!!

I have also played about with the timing as well and the car runs and idles a lot better, will get it timed correctly as soon as I can borrow a decent timing  light.

Date - 3rd February 2008
Even though I have not quite finished all the blanking plates for the seat belts mounts, I decided to give the seatbelts a test drive as the sun was shinning. I had also promised my eldest daughter a ride for the past 2 weeks but last week one of the steering column mounts snapped, this happened when I took the car off the ramps. sorry about not having any pictures for this but I was in a hurry to get the harnesses tested, anyway I repaired this the weekend before so it was just a matter of putting this back on the car. anyway, we went out for a spin anyway and after a warm up I gave it some welly ! but at the end of a mile long straight the car cut out, I bumped started it again but it cut again. so I rolled off the roundabout and bumped it once more I started again and it appeared to be o.k. so off we went again... for 10 feet:( anyway I pushed it off the road and took the bonnet off, I then nearly lost the bonnet in the wind, took the top of the air filter off and I could see fuel... which was a good sign, so I called the wife and asked her to bring the tow rope, but as I was talking too her it started again and I was able to drive it home. I think the problem may be the fuel pressure regulator, may be set too low for the carbs... I will check that this week and take it out for another break down trip next weekend. :)

Date - 10th January 2008
Finally able to back in the garage now following the Knee injury, I have now managed to weld all of the harness brackets bar 1 on to the car and managed to set light to the carpet... OOPS. there will be some more pictures in the gallery soon showing this. I have also found out the Battery switch I have is crap !! seem that not enough amps get through to start the car, I thought it was a naff starter motor but when I by passed the switch, it started easily. Now that's another thing for the list !!!

Date - 31st August 2007
BAD NEWS ALERT !!!! The work on the dutton has now had to stop due to me stacking my mountain bike and putting a bad crack in the bottom of my knee joint :( , I will also miss the car show in Stortford and wont be able to go motocrossing. This also means that there will probably not be any updates to the web site for a while but if there is any info I will put it up.

Date - 27th August 2007
Weather the last few weeks has been crap so the car has just sat in the garage doing nothing.. but have got some 3 point harnesses from Rally Design. I have started another photo gallery for this so you can see what I am doing, or doing wrong. I was originally going to use the existing floor mounts but realised that I will not have enough room to adjust the new harnesses if I do owing to the fact that the seat is tight against the side of the car, so what I am going to do is weld some brackets to the back of the cross member that is behind the seats under the car ( you will see in the photo gallery ) The top mount will be fixed to the cross member that the roll bar is fixed to.

Date - 9th august 2007.
The Melos passed it's MOT today, after being off the road for the last 5 years. The journey there was very strange, I kept thinking what was going to fall off on the way there. but it was o.k. a good time to test the different handling of the 5 link axle. I did not want to push it too hard just in case, but the guy at the  MOT station had converted an Ford Anglia to run a CVH engine. he had also had to convert the sump and was very impressed with mine :)

He did notice that the bottom ball joint was not tight so he made me go round all the bolts on the suspension and engine and tighten them which was a good thing really as tighten bolts laying on the floor of the garage is a lot different to them being on a ramp. he was happy with the car generally but did say that he wanted some bits done before next years MOT. for one the roll bar is crap and he said needs a support, and the seatbelts need replacing. I did explain that how they came out the factory. but I am planning to fit some harnesses./p>

Well the journey home was better and a lot more relaxing, and the handling was better as all the bolts on the suspension were tight. as soon as I turned out the MOT station 50 yards down the road there were 6 coppers checking for speeders and expired car tax. I was sure they were going to pull me over as they all look at me with a frown. anyway after that all was well until I got 2 miles from home and steam started coming out of the front !! and that not good, I continues slowly anyway and found that one of the hoses had come off, where I had panted a piece of pipe, the paint had gone soft and allowed the rubber hose to slip off. funny, all the time in the MOT station it never had a problem, oh well.

After I had fixed the pipe and went to get my tax disk (which was the best bit as its classed as historic and the cost of tax in £0) I took my daughter out of a spin, she had been in the car when she was 3 but now she is 8 she thinks a bit more of it. she had a smile from ear to ear and told me she could not stop smiling ( we all know that feeling )  and kept saying "go faster"