About My Dutton

Back in 1995 when i first got into Kitcars I started to build a Dax Rush produced by DJ Sports cars, but i had to sell this 50% complete as my wife was expecting our second child and we had to move to a bigger house and thus needed the money. In 2001 i got the use of a company car so i purchased this Dutton Melos from a Kitcar dealer in Southend, Essex. on the day I collected it the heavens opened up and made the journey home a little bit more exciting. I took the car to show through out 2001 and 2002 but i know the car needed some reworking as there where some strange electrical problems and the 1300 X-flow engine just was not quick enough for me. The Chassis could also do with stripping down and cleaning up, so at the end of 2002 after breaking down on the way to a show in Braintree I decided to get the process going.

It started off as a simple strip down and clean up but as with all of these kinds of things when you begin, you start to think what else could be done. I started with the engine to see what I could fit in the engine bay, Bike engine maybe.. but the car is too heavy for that, Mazda RX7 rotary engine maybe..too expensive. Pinto lump....nah.. too many of them and I do not like the spray bar setup. So seeing as i had a CVH engine in the garage, I decided to use that as I had a 5 speed box and a set of twin DHLA carbs. I also found that the leaf springs had Coilovers instead of just dampers, this stopped the leaf springs from going up as far as they could and also made the ride very hard. So a 5 link system was added. You will see in the photo gallery all the work that has been done on the car so far.


About Me

I would write about me but who cares really, it will just make me sound like an arse !!!

Some will say i all ready am...  and those people are entitled to there opinions !!!